Crud Roadracer

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Mudguards may serve a useful purpose by keeping the rooster tails of rain spray off you and your mates, but people are often reluctant to use them. That could be due to the fiddling required to fit them or possibly the rattling and rubbing they cause when riding. But most probably it’s because they make a sleek race bike look like a crusty old tourer.


Crud’s famed Roadracer mudguards set out to solve all of those problems. They require neither eyelets built in to the frame nor long-reach brake callipers, so should work with even the most high-end of bikes. However, stretching the rubber rings round some of the wider profile forks and stays to attach the mounts can prove quite an effort.

Fitting takes minutes and needs no tools. They keep spray at bay, are sturdy, light, rattle free and, most importantly, sleek enough to retain your bike’s racy good looks.


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