Ambrosia Atritium

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Ambrosio’s 542g set-up is a good affordable option for anyone after a naturally low, simple bar. Its low position comes from ‘underslung’, while the long ski-bend sections then rise up in front to give you plenty of hand positions to play with.


The armrests are also adjustable: about two inches front to back, an inch sideways and some swivel in the mount. You’ll need to check the Nylock nut is tight, though, as it’s the only bolt holding the pads on.The pads themselves are simple, uncovered foam but the curved shape makes a nice cradle that’s neither exposed nor cramped.

The hinged bar clamp has shims to take 26mm bars and the underslung extension clamp lets you adjust for rotation and length, with handy graded markings for a symmetrical set-up.

All the bolts are torque marked, which is a nice touch, and apart from a lack of cable ports for bar-end shifters, it’s a tidily finished set. 


Contact : RSI 0208 9652510