Reap launch the Vulcan

British brand release tri bike follow-up to the Generation 1.0


Reap’s first tri bike, the Generation 1.0, was labelled ‘sensational’ by our bike reviewer in 2017 as it scored a huge 95% score in our ‘Best of British’ tri bike test. And now the Brit tri brand are back with the launch of their new triathlon bike, the Vulcan.

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The Vulcan, say Reap, is defined by “its holistic design approach and race readiness, and will feature a proprietary new cockpit and a hydration system tested for ‘T1 to T2 speed’ – that is, with refills included – versus misleading steady-state aerodynamics alone.

REAP Vulcan RQ Enve DA Build

“The Vulcan name pays homage to Britain’s history of aerospace engineering and reflects a shared ambition,” add the Newcastle-under-Lyme-based outfit. “The Avro Vulcan was a pioneering strategic bomber introduced in 1956, the early jet era. It combined speed and range with a high payload and became an icon for its radical delta wing shape. The parallels with our bike are clear.”

REAP Vulcan Ballistic Cockpit High Ext High Assembly Front High

Key features of the Vulcan are:

  • REAP Ballistic Cockpit (above): The Vulcan is the first production bike to be supplied with forearm-hugging aero extensions as part of the vastly adjustable Ballistic cockpit. The aero extensions save drag, improve comfort and control, and make it easier to stay in your best position
  • British built: REAP Bikes are 100% designed, made, painted and assembled in the UK
  • Integrated BTA hydration: A BTA bottle mount with an aero fairing. Rapid bottle swaps make you faster from T1 to T2 versus refilling integrated systems
  • Proprietary rear storage: Carry two bottles, 8 gels and a toolbox behind the saddle and out of the wind
  • Perfected details: Rotary dropout adjusters; multi-position seatpost; aerodynamically shielded front derailleur with extended chainring capacity
  • Carbon fibre flight case included: Made by REAP in the UK, so that every Vulcan is delivered ready for fly-away races or training camps.
REAP Vulcan Blk-Org FQ HRes Frame Render

The Reap Generation 1.0 paved the way for the Vulcan and the beam bike tech is carried over. The beam, or V-frame, design eliminates the seatstays and seat tube and their associated drag.

“While the overall concept has been seen in tri before, right back to the Zipp 2001 from 1992, our development work with the UK’s leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) experts, TotalSim, pushed performance to new heights and made the Generation 1.0 the outright fastest bike in the world in wind tunnel testing. The new features of the Vulcan make it even faster,” state Reap of the Vulcan.

Three top UK pro triathletes are already confirmed to be racing the REAP Vulcan in 2021: Elliot Smales, Fenella Langridge and Tom Bishop, with further signings are expected over the off-season.

REAP Vulcan Flight Case Internal

The Vulcan is available to order now, with deliveries starting in January 2021, and there’s a carbon fibre flight case (sold separately) to boot. Look out for a 220 review in early 2021.

Pricing is as follows:

£5,500    Vulcan frame module: frame, fork, cockpit, brakes, storage systems
£8,195    Vulcan Ultegra Di2, with Parcours Passista wheels
£9,945    Vulcan Dura-Ace Di2, with ENVE 7.8 wheels
£9,770    Vulcan Red eTap AXS, with ENVE 7.8 wheels

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