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Look has ruled on the road for decades, so it’s about time the company’s influence was felt in the world of tri. Enter the new Look 576 frame. It’s not a TT crossover like many bikes on the market, but a bike designed specifically with tri in mind…


The build

The Look frame just looks like it wants to go fast. The aggressive angles and integrated seatpost show off the fact that it knows exactly what it’s doing – to the point where it may scare lesser-experienced riders. The rounded head tube spills back into a unique petrol tank-looking triangle, which tapers off into a thin, rounded top tube that makes its way to the wheel-hugging seat tube with its daunting integrated seatpost.

The externally routed cables sprawl themselves down the deep-sectioned down tube and under the crafted bottom bracket area that’s been layered up to the hilt with carbon to gain maximum rigidity. The thin yet stiff chain- and seatstays make their way to the dropouts without any fashionable flair, while the fork continues the aero styling with its wind-drag minimising profile.

The only let-down is the seatpost arrangement. It absorbs vibrations, but where integrated seatposts should be a weight-saving idea, this one actually adds bulk – and once it’s been cut to length, there’s no gluing it back together if you sell the bike on.

Distributors Fisher kindly built up the 576 for us (and came in at about £3,600), but ordinarily they supply frame and fork only; that’ll set you back  £1,700. Given that a decent set of wheels is going to set you back a further grand, that doesn’t leave much change for fancy extras. For our test, Fisher’s mechanics installed SRAM Force carbon and USE aerobars, making for a well-equipped steed.

The ride

Onboard, you’re reminded again that this bike is a racing build due to its forced and limited feeling. The steep seat angle pitches you into an aero tuck, while the short top tube makes you worry your nipples aren’t the only thing you’re going to be kneeing once you get it rolling.

The cockpit area feels aero, with its wing tip pods and knife-blade levers, but once you get onto the carbon extensions, you’re wishing for a couple of extra inches as you find your hands too close to the shifters. The ride is smooth for such a rigid-looking frame, due to the R5 seatpost and its elastomer system that reduces vibrations from the road.

Once you get it cranking, the 576 comes into its own. You eventually give into its command and adopt the position, and soon feel that every ounce of power your muscles generate is being injected onto each tooth of the rear cassette. The new SRAM S80 wheels roll beautifully and accelerate well, making out-of-the-saddle sprints effortless.

At slower speeds, the brake levers keep you on your toes and the aggressive stance leaves you uneasy – just like any other Italian muscle machine. Which leaves you with one option: don’t slow down!

Frame Look 576
Forks 576 aero 
Groupset SRAM Force
Wheels SRAM 80 clincher; Schwalbe Stelviso Light 700 x 23c tyres
Cockpit USE Tula carbon
Seating 576 R5 E seatpost; Selle Italia C2 saddle
Weight 7.83kg (17.26lb) without pedals
Sizes 51, 53, 55, 57cm

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