Canyon reveals special edition Kona-inspired Speedmax

Canyon's Speedmax CF SLX gets a new Kona-inspired splash of paint...

Jan Frodeno stands with the new limited edition Canyon Speedmax

The Canyon Speedmax CF SLX has been at the pinnacle of long-distance racing for years, including a five-year reign at Kona. Now, to mark its achievements Canyon has revealed a special Hawaii-inspired edition.


Pictured above with Ironman ace Jan Frodeno, the new Speedmax is styled in a striking aloha shirt style, which is designed to express the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands and pay homage to the epic setting for the Kona World Champs.

We reviewed the Speedmax CF SLX’s older brother earlier this year, the range-topping CRF Disc eTap. In his review, tester Jack Sexty said, “While other top-end tri bikes launched in the last couple of years have had individual elements of what we want in a racing machine, the Speedmax comes the closest yet to ticking every box.”

He later came to the conclusion that the Speedmax CRF Disc eTap is “blisteringly fast and the most well-integrated tri bike we’ve seen to date.”

Describing an earlier version of the Speedmax CF SLX, our tester had this to say: “The biggest challenge might be holding yourself back on a bike that just wants to go so fast.

As for the Speedmax CF SLX Disc Kona LTD, it comes with the same class-leading components that you’d find on the standard version. This includes a SRAM Force eTap AXS groupset, a Quarq spider-based power meter, a premium Firecreest wheelset wrapped in Continental Grand Prix 5000 rubber and a fully-adjustable set-up up front.


How much does the Speedmax CF SLX Disc Kona LTD cost?

The bike will set you back £9,749 and comes with a special Canyon-designed aloha shirt. It’s exclusively available in the brand’s Bike Guard box which, you’ll be delighted to know, comes in a matching pattern.

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Top image credit: Tino Pohlmann