Stella Light and Motion Dual

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

A two-lamp set-up (with one a dedicated spot and the other a wide-ranging flood) that allows infinite tweakability. This means you’re guaranteed to get the perfect beam balance for what you’re doing.


Its full power, giving 2.5hrs of burn, is enough for off-road riding and full-paced road training, but not being able to helmet mount does limit its use on the rough stuff where you’re often not looking in the direction your bars are facing.

On the road the set-up is great, though, and with 5hrs from the medium setting and 11hrs on the still impressive low, it’ll be enough for even the most dedicated winter rider.

Fitting the compact lamp units involves nothing more complicated than a simple rubber strap, but if we’re being ultra picky, the power pack is on the bulky side and individual lamp control would be an improvement.


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