Spiuk Sector

Ideal specialist tri cycling shoe if you're on a budget

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Even though these are comparatively heavy at 354g for a UK 9.5, they’re not so heavy as to detract from their plus points. 


As you’d expect at this price, their sole isn’t carbon, but the glass-fibre composite gives a decent, largely flex-free ride. They’re comfy and, with an antibacterial insole, stay fresh despite barefoot use. 

The two straps function well and, although the main one could be a bit more pronounced, its texturised rubber end means you can find it in the saddle with a bit of fumbling. The heel loop is pronounced but could be a bit larger. A thoughtful addition is the small loop on the instep. This makes attaching your front shoe elastic band to the front mech really easily. 

Drainage and ventilation are good with impressive ports in the sole and heavily meshed uppers, and does a splendid job of protecting the sole. 


Contact : www.silverfish-uk.com