Spiuk Sector bike shoes review

Good pair of entry-level bike shoes with a few nice touches

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Coming in at around 350g per shoe, Spiuk’s Sectors are no featherweight. But they offer plenty more than simply saving a few grams. The bonus is that they haven’t scrimped on the padding to keep weight down, so they’re extremely comfortable with or without socks.


On the flipside, we found the fit nice and snug around the arches but quite loose at the toes.  It wasn’t inhibiting, but we do prefer our shoes a little tighter and it’s possible that these size up slightly large. 

The fibreglass and polymide sole is perfectly stiff, while the little loop on the inside of each shoe is a great little addition if you want to easily mount them on the bike. Similarly, the heel loop is easy to grab on to when you’re trying to get your feet in on the go.

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