Scott Road Team

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

If it was all about looks, then these Scotts would have already scored top marks with a fresh, ‘elite’ style. Comfort-wise they’re not bad, either.


They fit well round the main part of the foot and there’s no perceivable heel lift, probably helped by the small rubber bumps that grip onto your sock.

You may find there’s too much space in the toe box, though, which is probably the Road Team’s main downfall. The outsole is stiff in all the right places, with good power transfer and enough flex at the toes for long ride comfort.

They also have cooling features: the Scotts have their Ram Air System (connected vents on the outsole near the heel and toes), but although there may have been some airflow, it wasn’t very noticeable compared to the breathability of the upper.


Contact : Scott 0800 917 2934