Diadora Infinity Carbon

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

The sleek styling instantly marks the Infinity out as Diadora’s top-of-the-range tri-specific bike shoe (as worn by Jodie Swallow).


The outsole isn’t fully carbon, however, but ‘carbon-injected nylon’ that still provides a good feel and power delivery. It also boasts a multi-fit attachment with replaceable base plates for any cleat fitting.

A large tab on the inner tongue and heel allows the shoe to be pulled on quickly, but the upper tends to roll over and needs to be pulled back straight. The single strap is quick to fasten and also includes a smart, integrated Velcro latch to hold the shoe open ready for a quick T2.

Sockless comfort is ensured with a fully lined inner, but the finishing stitching around the inner tongue does rub slightly. All in all, this is a good contender for the tri-specific crown, but the Infinity has some hefty competition to stand up to.


Contact : Bob Rock Ltd 0207 924 3377 www.diadora.com