dhb Tri Road

Our rating 
2.5 out of 5 star rating 2.5

dhb has received many plaudits for fantastic value in terms of bang for your buck. Here’s an option that’ll surely be appropriate for these credit-crunching times, right?


While this was the case for the R1 road shoe, unfortunately we cannot extend the same praise to the Tri Road.
There are shared components [with the R1] such as the outsole, which is sufficient and will accept just about all cleat options.

But the upper is a poor fit, making it difficult to achieve a secure feel. The strap, for example, has a tendency to slip through its loop and that could cost a disastrous few seconds in T1. There’s also a Velcro section extending longitudinally from the toe box to the strap that regularly snags, reducing the opening size. The materials, not surprisingly, have a cheap feel with a coarse sock liner leading to an uncomfortable experience.


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