Carnac Triathlon Shoes

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

The new Carnac Triathlon shoe is brimming with ideas. To start with it has a carbon sole with an integrated air intake system.


But wait, the real innovation comes with a rubber heel that allows it to collapse as you put your foot in to speed entry, before pulling the shoe back into shape using the magnetised tag. The tag then neatly clips back into place with no effort from you.

Once on, it fits comfortably despite the sharp-edged look of the rubber. Next up comes the main magnetic strap locking system. The tightness of the shoe strap can be adjusted via a sliding ratchet mechanism, while another magnetised strap secures the fit.

The ratchet mechanism itself is very stiff and, when combined with the magnet, holds the shoe secure when under the greatest stress. Try as you might, you won’t pull the strap off through cycling action alone.

Overall, the technology in the shoe is great. If you have the money they’re superb. But that price is prohibitive to most.


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