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Best indoor cycling shoes to buy in 2022

Boost your pedalling performance with our pick of the best indoor cycling shoe deals


Adding indoor training to your exercise regimen can bring plenty of benefits, like the ability to ride all year around whatever the weather, and hone your form before the next big race with controlled workouts.


For that reason it’s a good idea to invest in a serious pair of indoor cycling shoes that you can save for these sessions, ones that you can keep nice and clean, while also delivering a good dose of breathability and ventilation.

We’ve put together some top indoor cycling shoe picks below. These have been chosen based on value for money, in-depth research and analysis of user reviews. 

Best indoor cycling shoes to buy in 2022

Shimano IC1 Indoor Cycling Shoes

Designed with high performance in mind, this indoor cycling shoe from Shimano is packed with features to help give you a speedy workout. 

It’s made with a cross strap on the mid section of the shoe to ensure you’re snugly strapped in, but Shimano says this doesn’t compromise on breathability, with a mesh material on the upper part of the shoe designed to help with ventilation. 

The sole is also said to be stiff enough to help you transfer your power into the pedals, and the outsole has been reinforced to keep your form stable and consistent while you ride. 

Nike Mens SuperRep Indoor Cycling Shoe

Keep your indoor cycling shoes safely strapped to your feet with these options from Nike, which feature hook and loop style straps so you can pedal at speed.

The SuperRep Cycle model is also said to help keep you cool as you ride thanks to the mesh placed at the top of the foot and the vents in the sole.

The shoe has been designed so you can slip your foot in and out easily once you’re done thanks to the wide opening, and the bottom of the shoe has been fixed with rubber to ensure you still have traction when you’re making your way to and from the bike.

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Fizik Powerstrap R5

Fizik has made this cycling shoe to last, with a sole that’s been reinforced with carbon nylon so you can ride with confidence. 

The shoe itself utilises leather for additional ruggedness, with a universal fit that should suit a wide variety of foot shapes. 

To keep the shoe strapped tightly yet comfortably to your feet while you ride there’s an adjustable Velcro wrap, which means it’s just as easy to remove when you’re done with your latest workout.

It also boasts a flat heel and a medium shoe width, while ventilation holes are included to help keep your feet cool. 

DMT KR4 Road Shoes

Aiming to create a balance between high levels of comfort and performance, DMT have created an engineered knit structure that is said to be both lightweight and breathable, while providing all the support and ventilation you need for an intense session. 

A nylon composite outsole completes the build, while sizes range from 37 to 48, with size 42 weighing 227g.

Adidas The Indoor Cycling Shoe

If you’re looking for a colourful addition to your cycling kit, these indoor shoes from Adidas may be a good option. 

Available in a range of colours that include Acid Red, Linen Green and Off White, they have a midsole made from fibreglass for added strength, with venting along the shoe to keep you cool when working hard.

Adidas says they’re also made with 50% recycled materials in a bid to combat plastic waste. 

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Van Rysel Sport Cycling Shoes

Made with a rigid nylon base to help maintain optimum efficiency, these cycling shoes from Van Rysel should see you through many intense indoor sessions.

The heel has been reinforced for extra support, while Van Rysel have also designed this shoe with plenty of ventilation in the form of two openings in the sole to let air flow through and ventilation holes on the upper.

Meanwhile, the interior mesh is made from a quick drying material to help keep you comfortable and encourage breathability as things heat up. 

Fizik R1 Infinito Knit

If you’re looking to maximise your power transfer while you pedal, these cycling shoes from Fizik may be worth considering as they boast a carbon sole.

The brand says they’re made from a flexible yet durable knitted material on the top of the shoe which’ll give you all the support you need while letting the air flow through them, thanks to additional vents that help manage the moisture and control the temperature. 


The top of the shoe features a Double Infinito IP1-B boa closure system which basically means it’ll be clasped tightly around your feet, with dials on the side so you can make sure it fits perfectly.