TESS Platinum

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

TESS’s top-of-the-range, 94% nylon base layer is definitely one for the winter. The thick, one-piece, circular knitted body and one-piece arms provide a close, comfortable fit.


Nylon offers a wealth of stretch and, when mixed with the chosen manufacturing process, provides a very flexible garment. The thickness gives great thermal insulation but can struggle slightly during moisture management. It still, however, keeps you comfortable at most levels of intensity.

Integrated within the knit are zoned areas to provide extra functionality and an added aesthetic only seen with this process. The arms and body both have adequate length, which means it’s good for the bike and the run.

The neck did feel a little high and tight but this should provide greater benefit in the depths of winter. As an added extra, the garment is made with Silverfresh fibre that, with its impregnated silver ions, is able to control bacterial growth, thus reducing the chance of smelly sportswear.


Contact : Lewiskit www.lewiskit.com