Northwave Evolution

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Northwave’s Evolution bibs are a contradictory affair: they somehow manage to feel loose despite being skintight. They’re not baggy and they don’t sag anywhere, yet they seem roomier than a typical pair of bike shorts. As such, they don’t offer the same support you’d get from a tighter pair but they’ll feel less like a girdle if you’re carrying an extra kilo or two.


Either there’s some clever tailoring going on here or Northwave has hired the people who built the Tardis. Also seemingly able to defy the laws of physics is the pad. It’s softer and squishier than most but easily as comfortable as firmer ones, especially on the longer-distance rides that these shorts are aimed at. Only the leg grips appear to be terrestrial in origin and performance, as the small blobs of rubber dotted around the hems aren’t enough to prevent the legs riding up.


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