Nathan Night Visibility Range – first look

Bright colours, reflective elements and lots of lights to keep you safe in winter


An early morning run before work or a 4pm sesh in the depths of winter – seeing and being seen in the gloom is a safety must if you don’t want to join the 59,000 pedestrians that are injured annually.


Enter Nathan’s comprehensive range of visibility wear. Bright colours, reflective elements, static and strobe lights; this is no time for sartorial snootiness. It’s not just about being seen though; seeing the terrain ahead is crucial, too. 

As such, Nathan have included many a sport-specific feature, such as the 24° bend in the USB-charged 108 lumens Zephyr Fire 100 Hand Torch (£44.99, pack of 2), which directs light to the ground ahead of you. It also straps onto your hand, while a built-in siren is a useful security feature. 

Nathan StrobeLight

The mini StrobeLight (£9.99, pack of 10) offers 100+ hours of static or blinking illumination and can clip to your clothing or belt (see above). Other items in the range include a Bandolier (pictured below, £18.99 for a pack of 2), Reflex bands (£7.99, pack of 2), Reflective lock laces (£7.99) and a 600ml Fire and Ice water bottle (£11.99).

Nathan Bandolier

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