Galibier Aqua Chron Overshoe II

Waterproof, easy to get on and fairly cheap, but white only

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Overshoes are one of those depressing bits of kit that well and truly signify the end of the summer, but sadly they’re an essential item when the rain comes down.


And this pair from Galibier do a decent job for a reasonable price. Getting them on is remarkably easy as they have a bit of stretch, so you can wriggle them around until they fit over your cleats perfectly.

We found that the zip at the back lacks a little surety when done all the way up, but the additional velcro strap does a decent job of keeping them in place over your bike shoes.

We were also impressed by their ability to keep our feet dry while out riding in showers; they even managed to keep the wind out.

One criticism is that white is the sole colourway, which means they dirty up extremely quickly and tend to stay that way.

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