Falke Athletic Cool

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Falke’s Athletic Cool is sublimely comfortable, and although it’s not the best-insulated base layer we’ve ever tested, this doesn’t seem to compromise the ‘in-use’ performance.


Anyway, Falke have marketed this garment as more of a moisture manager than a pure winter-warmer, and in this respect the thin fabric wicks extremely well. This is an important factor if worn as part of a multi-layer solution, as sweating will inevitably occur during high-intensity sessions.

The secret to the success of this base layer surrounds the circular knit construction. This technique is the same as that used in hosiery manufacture, permitting seamless sections to be produced.

In this case, the result is a completely smooth torso section with seams only used at the arms. This also lets the designer change the fabric density and composition throughout, providing different areas of warmth and structure. 


Contact : Falke 01539 725817 www.falke.com