dhb Compton Seamless

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

The Compton represents good value for a seamless base layer, and the solid thermal properties provide a nice blend of warmth and moisture control. Unfortunately, the fit and general comfort of this top isn’t as we’d hoped.


It’s as if the body contouring hasn’t been completed successfully, which caused consistent complaints with every member of our testing team. Specific problem areas included the neck, which feels high due to an excess of material, and itchiness, which is particularly noticeable at the elbow creases and lower back.

The top seems too close to the body around the base of the rib cage, too, creating an imbalance in the fit, which results in a certain amount of shifting and subsequent readjustment.

That said, we should remind ourselves of the price. Many of the other tops in this price range don’t provide such close-to-the-body warmth and flexibility. 


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