Bont Riot

Exceptional shoes for the price

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

The first thing to know about Bont shoes is that they’ve got a lot of sole. Relative to the shoe as a whole, the soles of the Riots are huge and, impressively for a sub-£100 shoe, they’re heat mouldable, too. 


The fact that the sole is one large piece of carbon fibre means that they’re super-stiff, which is noticeable from the moment you put them on.

They’re so stiff that they can feel harsh at first; it took a a little getting used to compared to our day-to-day shoes, but after a few rides we began to enjoy the different feel of the Riots. 

Fastening is courtesy of a ratchet and a Velcro strap. It does a decent job, although the strap is quite hard to tighten if you like your shoes snug, but there was no problem with slipping when we had them on.

They’re light, too, coming in at 600g, and won’t have your feet aching after 30km.


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