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Best men’s cycling jerseys

Looking for a short-sleeved bike jersey to see you through countless hours on the bike? We take to the road to find some of the best cycling jerseys around for men

Selection of men's cycling jerseys

As triathletes, we spend an awful lot of time training on two wheels, especially when we’re reaching our peak in summer. So it’s key that our kit is up to the task and cycling jerseys are no exception.


They need to look good, of course, but they also need to be comfortable (particularly in warm weather), provide storage for nutrition or other essentials and, depending on your goals, provide you with any possible aero gains.

While style is subjective, comfort typically comes down to the fabrics used, a zip and seams that don’t irritate you, and good range of movement. The best summer cycling jerseys also wick away moisture with ease and allow airflow to keep you cool.

In terms of storage, three elasticated pockets on the rear are pretty much standard and anything more (like a zip pocket) is a bonus. The less pockets sag once loaded up with things like energy gels, the better.

And then comes fit. To be as aero as possible you’ll want a close-fitting cycling jersey with minimal flapping, while placement of seams is also important. Just how close you’d like a jersey to fit is down to personal choice, but what is universal is a desire for the waist not to rise up too much while riding. Now, on with the testing!

Best men’s cycling jerseys

Castelli Aero Race 6.0

  • £125

This is the sixth iteration of Castelli’s Aero Race Jersey, with each version said to benefit from better aerodynamics and fit. That’s a lot of development, and this jersey has even been privy to CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis in order to inform fabric choice and seam placement.

The fit is close and feels aerodynamic, yet comfort is also great with unrestricted range of movement and the large zip guard does its job well. In testing, the jersey offered excellent breathability and moisture wicking, thanks in part to the jersey’s incredibly lightweight fabric, making it most suited to summer.

Our sample came in a black/grey blend that’s exclusive to Wiggle. It’s not great for visibility, but brighter colours are available direct from Castelli. Three standard rear pockets are spacious and there’s limited sagging, but when empty there’s a little bit of riding up.

Verdict: It’s not cheap, but this stylish option is one of the best cycling jerseys for men on the market.

Score: 90%

Huub Aventus One

  • £129.99

Huub’s Aventus One is incredibly classy in both looks and performance. It has a close fit, but we didn’t find it quite as tight as some others on test, so you may want to size down to maximise aero gains. Comfort is top-notch with bonded shoulder seams, soft fabrics and a large zip guard.

The collar also sits a little higher than others on test, offering coverage and additional comfort. Mesh panels on the sides and drop tail aid ventilation and breathability, which is generally very good, while its moisture-wicking capabilities were also admirable.

The Aventus One excels further in its features, with three standard pockets, plus a sizeable zipped one for valuables. There’s limited sagging, which is good to see, and very little riding up. All that said, it’s hard to get past the price tag. At a penny under £130, this is a considered purchase.

Verdict: Classy design and classy performance, but fit isn’t perfect and it carries a high price tag.

Score: 87%

Maap Emblem Pro Hex Jersey

  • £135

That’s a steep price tag for a jersey, but do you get what you pay for? Arguably, this is a high-quality, lightweight jersey that’s made from (mostly recycled) materials designed to offer high levels of breathability, moisture wicking and SPF
50+ sun protection.

With a testing period that included two heatwaves, we were pleased by the Emblem Pro Hex’s airy nature, which kept us as cool and as dry as can be expected. That said, you’ll want additional layers on cooler, windier days.

It fits closely, ensuring optimum aero performance, but also manages to retain comfort, even without a zip garage. The elastic hem uses an internal silicone print to help it stay in place, though we did experience some riding up while on the drops. Three rear pockets offer a good amount of storage space with little sagging, but there’s no zip pocket.

Verdict: Looks great, high-quality and perfect for summer, but an eye-watering price.

Score: 88%

Stolen Goat Jelly Epic Jersey

  • £95

Well you’ll certainly be seen while riding in the aptly-named Jelly Epic! If the psychedelic design isn’t for you, though, there are more understated options to choose from.

The jersey comes in a race fit, meaning it’s short, tight and compressive, yet at no point did we find it restrictive. Comfort is also great, with the fabric feeling soft against the skin and a zip guard eliminating any irritation.

The wide band at the bottom has silicone weaved into it and does a fine job of keeping the jersey in place, while three rear pockets provide ample storage without sagging.

Mesh panels on the sides and under the arms help boost breathability, while moisture-wicking performance was good, though not quite on par with Maap, Trimtex and Castelli. That said, this jersey provides a little more warmth and protection when the temperature drops.

Verdict: A bold design and quality construction, but just pipped by others for summer performance.

Score: 86%

Zone3 Aero-Fit Cycle Jersey

  • £95

We didn’t find the Aero-Fit as stylish as some of the other options on test, but it’s certainly comfortable. The Italian fabric is soft against the skin, the collar feels luxurious against the neck and range of motion is unhindered.

The jersey sits close to the skin but fits a little looser than others here. This means it’s not the most aerodynamic, so you may want to size down. It’s quite long, though, so it doesn’t ride up while on the drops or aero bars.

Elsewhere, the pockets at the rear are spacious, but are prone to sagging when loaded with weightier items. Despite a lack of dedicated mesh ventilation zones, we didn’t overheat, and moisture wicking was also pretty decent if not as good as pricier competitors.

We’d be happy wearing this jersey on cooler days, too, making it a versatile pick. Finally, some nice reflective detailing boosts visibility.

Verdict: Versatile and comfortable, but plain design and not the most aerodynamic fit.

Score: 79%

Trimtex Vitric 2.0

  • €115

The Vitric 2.0 has many similarities with Maap’s offering. It uses a minimum of 50% recycled fabrics, has a really close aerodynamic fit and proved comfortable even when temperatures rose to unprecedented levels. The latter is thanks to the mesh back, which kept us cool and wicked moisture away impressively.

There are three reinforced jersey pockets at the rear, with minimal sagging, plus a zip pocket that proved just big enough for our iPhone 12 Mini, though larger phones would struggle to fit.

Comfort was top notch and was further enhanced with a zip guard at the top. The elastic hem uses a silicone strip to help keep it in place with a reasonable level of success, but it does sit higher than some others on test.

It’s hard to fault this lightweight jersey, but we did find our design a little drab. Thankfully, a blue option is also available, or you can get a customised design printed to your liking.

Verdict: Great performance in hot weather, extremely comfortable and recycled materials make this one of the best men’s cycling jerseys around.

Score: 92%

Also consider…

Gore C5 Jersey

  • £89.99

For a more budget-friendly option (at the time of writing, it’s available for little over £50), consider this stylish jersey from Gore. Like many of the other options here, it’s designed for use in warm weather conditions, so the fabric is said to provide fast moisture wicking and offer top-notch breathability.

There are three standard jersey pockets on the rear, plus a small zip pocket for those essentials you just don’t want to lose. Meanwhile, reflective detailing is included to help provide useful visibility when cycling on the road.


In addition to the slick black and white design shown here, there is also a red/white design and a green/white design.