Tacx Booster T2500 turbo trainer review

Tacx Booster T2500 tested and rated by our expert reviewer

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Tacx Booster T2500 review

The Booster is a classy example of a turbo that does its job very well and with no fuss.


Set-up is simple, with a quick-release clamp for your bike and a lever that precisely repositions the resistance unit against your rear wheel. It’s stable and holds your bike securely with no wobbling whatsoever. 

During warm-up it whirrs along at a perfectly acceptable 17db – hardly enough to disturb anyone, and you can easily talk over it or listen to music without headphones.

Resistance is provided magnetically, with 10 levels to choose from via a bar- mounted adjuster. The only niggle is that it doesn’t roll too smoothly at lower resistance settings, when you find yourself stabbing at the pedals to keep them turning.

It’s only subtle, mind, but if you’ve previously been spoilt by a fluid unit you’ll notice it.

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