Gist Magnetic

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Despite gaining the unenviable title of ‘cheapest-looking trainer we’ve reviewed’, the Gist does a decent job. The wheel engagement with exposed Allen key cam is basic but effective, and the broad A frame is stable. The resistance unit is cantilevered off the back on two triangular plates with a screw bolt to adjust to different wheel sizes. This takes time to assemble but means the Gist can handle a range of wheel sizes.


The long lever on the remote gives a wide range of resistance settings from the magnetic resistance unit, though the lack of markings on the lever make it awkward to repeat sessions without counting clicks. You’ll have to muck about with various fixing points for the lever, too, as the clamp only fits small diameter bars. At lower- to medium-power levels, it’s quiet but, if you wind it up, it starts to shake.


Contact : Bob Elliott and Co 01772 459887