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The best bike rollers for cycling training

Master your cycling technique with a set of bike rollers - perfect for indoor training.

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When it comes to indoor cycling training, bike rollers are often a cheaper alternative to turbo trainers. Mounting your bike on a set of rollers allows you to get the miles in while never leaving the comfort of your own home – ideal when the weather is poor or you’re short on time.


The challenge, however, is staying balanced. Bike rollers test your pedalling technique and your ability to ride in a straight line. The period of getting used to riding on rollers will likely result in some swaying and falling, but will ultimately help you master your approach.


Read on for our top picks of the best bike rollers. They’ve been chosen based on in-depth research and analysis of user reviews, with each offering ample opportunity to help you keep up your cycling training.

Best bike rollers to buy in 2022

Tacx T1000 Antares Training Rollers

Credit: Amazon

Tacx have been manufacturing cycling rollers since 1972, so it’s no surprise that the Antares bike roller is so popular. It’s a collapsible frame with rollers for your bike’s front and rear wheels, allowing the opportunity for precise indoor cycling training.

The Tacx Antares Training Rollers weigh 7.7kg, so should be easy enough to move around before and after your sessions. The brand also describes this roller as heavy duty, while it’s also possible to purchase a support stand to help keep you upright if you’re new to rollers and feel nervous.

Wahoo Kickr Rollr Smart Trainer

Credit: Wiggle

The recently launched Wahoo Kickr Rollr has a key difference to many other training rollers. It secures the front wheel in place, only allowing the rear wheel to move around freely. With electromagnetic resistance and a claimed max power of 1,500 watts, this is a serious trainer.

Like most bike rollers, the Wahoo Kickr Rollr doesn’t have an integrated power meter, but it can sync up to your own power meter and wirelessly transfer the data to separate apps like Zwift and Trainer Road. This only works if you have an ANT+ power meter, as the roller itself doesn’t transmit its own power.

Saris CycleOps Aluminium Roller

Credit: Amazon

This aluminium roller from Saris uses magnetic resistance and zero moving parts to deliver a training roller that’s designed to be quiet, indoors or outdoors. The rollers are 16 inches wide, giving you plenty of space to move around while finding that perfect balance you’re aiming for.

There are five levels available when adjusting the roller’s resistance, so you can really take the opportunity to test yourself. This is powered by magnets rather than electricity, so the trainer relies on pedalling power to operate. The rollers have a diameter of 3.25 inches and can be used by bikes with axle-to-axle wheelbases between 37.5 inches and 44.5 inches.

Feedback Sports Omnium Trainer

Credit: Tredz

Feedbacks Sports’ Omnium Trainer has a fork mount that secures the front of the bike in place, so it’s likely to be a good option for anyone worried about falling off a standard set of rollers. It has a claimed weight of just 6.21kg, so should be easy to move about, too.

The Omnium Trainer uses progressive magnetic resistance and the rollers are greased and sealed for improved spin-movement. It comes readily assembled, meaning you can unfold the roller and use it straight out of the box.

Tacx T1100 Galaxia Rollers

Credit: Amazon

There’s a notable difference between Tacx’s Galaxia rollers compared to the previously-mentioned Antares rollers: the added swing system. The rear wheel rollers can tilt slightly back and forth to emulate some of those familiar motions involved in changing speed or switching between standing and sitting.

Tacx’s approach here was to create a set of rollers that could reproduce the natural feel of riding on the road. The tilting feature claims to do just this, making the Galaxia a promising choice if you’re looking for realistic training.

Minoura Live Roll R500 Rollers

Credit: Tredz

The Minoura R500 Rollers have been designed to slide into a compact shape so they can be carried around and stored more easily, so they may be a good option for those short on space. The lightweight alloy rollers (with 105mm diameters) should assist with this too, as well as hopefully providing a smooth riding experience.

When using compatible sensors, the R500 rollers can also be used with cycling-tracker apps like Zwift and Trainer Road.

Elite Arion Mag Parabolic Rollers

Credit: Wiggle

The Elite Arion Mag Parabolic Rollers are designed to operate smoothly and quietly in order for you to get your indoor training in with minimal disruption to anyone else in the house. There are three levels of magnetic resistance and a maximum power output of 520 watts.

Meanwhile, the rollers folds up to half the size to make it easier to move and store, while the injection-moulded frame is said to be tougher yet lighter than previous models.

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