Trelock LS950

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

The Trelock is a bulky unit to strap to your handlebars and does have a bit of a dated – retro, if we’re being kind – look to it. The mount is also a bit of a fiddly and cheap-feeling fabric strap affair that could be improved upon.


However, get past these not insignificant gripes and it does possess redeeming features. The beam delivers a powerful centre spot; that said, the surrounding flood is a bit blocky and broken up, though it’d be fine in all commuting situations.

USB charging is another positive for commuters, as you know you’ll have light to get you home and can use your boss’ electricity without having to carry a big plug into work.

The LCD exact burn time gauge in hours and minutes and five power levels mean you can eek every drop out of your charge, and the 6hrs at full beam and 45hrs at low is a wide range.


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