Topeak WhiteLite LP

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

This light from Topeak is a chunky unit. In its defence, it’s undeniably a light for seeing with as well as being seen; is by far the brightest in this price bracket; and rather than just coping with unlit roads, provides enough light on its full well-flooded beam to ride confidently.


Its size is largely down to the three AA batteries it takes and this also means it’s a weighty load on your bars. The tool-free mount holds the light in place solidly and comes with an adaptor for oversized bars.

And there’s an upside of the battery weight – you get 30hrs of burn time at full whack, 60hrs at the handy 50% setting and a whopping 120hrs flashing.

It thrives on commuting routes and the large rear button makes toggling through the settings to suit the conditions easy. It even got our tester round the fully unlit loop, but not at full pace.


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