Smart 1/2 Watt

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

The most powerful rear view light here, but let down by sideways visibility and switch issues. The 0.5 watt red LED sitting at the top of the keyhole-shaped unit is certainly an attention grabber. Not only will cars clock you from miles away, it’s also enough of a mind melter in random flash mode to make sure you’re not slipstreamed for long on the chaingang.


The mixture of bolt-on and permanently-attached belt clip make it easy to mount where it does most good. We wouldn’t worry if it falls off, either, as it shrugged off all drop test angles and heights without blinking. That said, the concealed flush-mounted switch on the bottom is awkward to locate in fat finger winter gloves. While it seems well-sealed during and after our drowning tests, some damp did get in. This meant it suddenly started switching itself on at random and then refused to turn itself off. A night on the radiator sorted it out, but be aware it’s not totally watertight.


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