Sigma Power LED Evo Pro

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Chucking out the most powerful, penetrating and wide-reaching beam on test, the Sigma is a serious light. Breezing through all our ride tests, including the off-road mission, even at its lowest light output it’d be more than adequate for most road-riding situations.


Bar mounting is simple and, a better option off road, it can also be helmet mounted. Burn times are also impressive with 3hrs at full, 5 at medium and 11 at low.

Compared to the other top-end lights, though, the lamp unit of the Sigma is fairly large. Granted it’s more powerful, but unless you’re planning regular off-road jaunts, on the road the full setting is frankly overkill.

Combined with a chunky power pack, it’s a lot of weight to add to your bike. You could get the optional smaller power pack, which still gives you 2.5hrs at medium, but you’re still lugging the relatively big lamp round.


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