Moon X Power 500

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

The Moon is a super compact but super powerful light. Its Over Drive beam is seriously impressive, putting out a far-reaching spot and an even, wide-ranging flood.


It’ll give you 1:40hrs of burn at full power, rising to 8hrs at the get-you-home low. In between are two other levels, with the second ideal for most road riding situations.

The handlebar mount is very easy to fit and, attached to the helmet mount and on full whack, will cope admirably with occasional off-road forays.

Its compact size, robust housing and USB charging option makes it ideal for any commute, and it certainly won’t let you down when you leave the bright lights of the big city.

This really is a do-it-all light, and although it lacks side visibility, pair it with the Blackburn package to remedy this niggle and you’re 100% sorted for the winter roads.


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