Lumicycle LEDSYS3 Spot Elite

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

£250 may seem like a shed load of cash but this is one hell of a bike light.


Even its lowest setting, which pumps out 300 lumens and has a burn time of 13 hours, is sufficient for most road cycling situations. The 850 lumens boost setting delivers a credible three hours of burn and is bright enough for full-on off-road action. Once you’ve spent time with the manual, toggling between modes and interpreting the fuel gauge, it quickly becomes intuitive.

The head unit is reasonably compact and sits unobtrusively on your bars, while the battery pack comes in a frame-friendly fabric pouch and sits snugly under your top tube. Charging is a simple plug-it-into-the-mains job and only takes three hours to get back up to full juice. Finally – and unusually for a high-performance light but great for road-riding – it has excellent side visibility. 


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