Electron Terra 2

Our rating 
5.0 out of 5 star rating 5.0

This twin light package, primarily because of its individual controls, gives an amazingly versatile set-up. One can be aimed just ahead of your front wheel to take advantage of the flood and pick up potholes, while the other can be fired into the distance.


With both blazing full, you still get 5hrs of burn time and there’s more than enough light to ride at full pace on unlit roads. Mix and match the output, right down to just one flashing for heavily lit urban streets, and you’re guaranteed to find a combination that’ll light the way and give plenty of burn time.

Although bright enough for some off-road action, not being able to helmet mount them does limit this option. That said, the side visibility intimates it’s designed more for the road. Fitting the lamps is easy, and although the power pack is a little bulky, price and performance outweigh this gripe.


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