CatEye Volt 700 bike light – review

Powerful, easy to use and simple to switch between bikes

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Kicking out an impressive 800 lumens at maximum power (flashing mode), the Volt 700 can be used on both lit and unlit roads.


In the dark, you get good width on the beam and it’s penetrative enough that you can see clearly for a good 10-15m in front of you, so it’s ideal if the last few kilometres of your commute have to be done sans street lights.

In flashing or pulsing mode there’s more than enough power to make sure you’re clearly visible even in well-lit areas.

The flextight handlebar mount feels a little industrial, but it’s really easy to swap between bikes. Speaking of swapping, extra battery packs are available separately so you’ll never be caught out on a long evening ride.

The one-button system makes it simple to use, and battery life is pretty good – you should be able to go at least a week without charging (depending on ride length) providing you’re not running it on full power.

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