Cateye Volt 300

Well-priced and well-specced light if you don't want to ride full bore

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

The first tick for the Volt is its easy tool-free fitting. The next is its weight – 133g including the mount, so it doesn’t add much bulk to your bars.


Charging is convenient with a universal micro USB, while the all-weather housing has a reassuringly robust feel. On the roads, the 300-lumens full beam has a decent penetrating spot, wide flood and side-on visibility. It’s just off the mark for high-speed training on unlit lanes but, for most winter riding and commuting, it’s perfectly adequate.

You get an impressive three hours of burn at full beam and the reasonably sized top-mounted rubberised button lights up to let you know when you’ve got 20% of life left. The normal power beam gives you eight hours, while flashing mode gives you a full 60.

The best news is the sub-£50 price tag: if you’re after winter lighting on a budget, the Volt’s well worth a look.


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