Busch+Muller Ixon IQ

Our rating 
2.5 out of 5 star rating 2.5

On the whole, the advent of LEDs and smaller, more powerful rechargeable batteries has shrunk the size of bike lights. Unfortunately the IXON IQ bucks this trend and is a whopper.


Much of its size is down to the IQ-Reflector system that uses a large reflector to cast its beam rather than relying on direct light output. This just doesn’t work that well, and although the central part of the beam is reasonably bright at full whack, on the whole it’s horribly blocky and broken up.

Burn time at full power is a reasonable 5hrs, increasing to 20hrs at low, and has good side visibility. Fitting with the bracket is easy but it’s a behemoth on your bars.

It’ll get you through urban and rural commutes, but with more compact, brighter and more even-beamed competition, you’ll struggle to find a reason to buy it.


Contact : www.amba-marketing.com