Bontrager Ion 700 bike light review

Bontrager Ion 700 bike light tested and rated by our expert reviewer

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
Bontrager Ion 700 review

Bontrager Ion 700 review


Definitely one of the coolest-looking lights we’ve tested in a while, Bontrager’s Ion 700 kicks out a claimed 700 lumens in five different modes.

The most interesting of these is the irregular flash, which is a great feature for riding on urban roads. It also has high, medium and low constant modes and a consistent flash.

Another thoughtful feature is the two small side lights that shine amber to give a bit of side visibility. The one thing we’re not hugely impressed with is the mount. All-in-one rubber, it wraps around the bars and over a hook built into one side. 

But we found that on rough surfaces it did occasionally slip a little which was irritating, although solved by putting an extra piece of rubber between the underside of the mount and the bar.

Charging is via a USB, with Bontrager claiming a full charge time of around five hours, which is pretty decent.

Verdict: Effective and good-looking, slightly let down by the mount, 75%


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