Wintech HR

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Mavic’s Gallic flair has created a very neat set-up here and it delivers the essentials well. The whole sensor/fork leg trauma you normally experience is avoided by the use of a fattened front wheel QR skewer that also doubles as the transmitter.


The slim head unit takes up minimal space but you’ll need to buy a rear wheel kit or non-round bar mount separately. The same computer with cadence is £137.49. Because of the way they fold it in the box, you’ll have to sit on the soft rubber heart-rate (HR) belt for a while to flatten it out and get a consistent chest contact.

Once that’s all sorted the tall display gives your chosen selection of data in nice, big, clear numbers. There’s not much in the way of post-ride feedback, but it’s got an audible alarm for the single programmable HR zone, which is handy when you’re hammering.


Contact : Chicken and Sons 01276 404859