Sigma BC 1609 STS Cadence

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

In the looks department the Sigma is head and shoulders above the competition. Both the speed and cadence sensors have a stealthy mean appearance, and the head unit looks genuinely cool and wouldn’t look out of place on a carbon mega bike.


The sensors fit easily with a couple of zip ties, and the head unit mount sits on stem or bars using rubber bands. As well as the standard features, Sigma has thrown in a thermometer – handy for anticipating ice on the road or for macho “I rode in -10°C” post-ride boasts.

As you’d expect from such a respected manufacturer, there were absolutely no interference woes to report and performance feedback was seamless. The only real gripe is that the buttons were on the fiddly side and hard to operate in gloves. An additional £49.99 buys you a PC docking station if training number crunching floats your boat.


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