Pro SX4-W Wireless

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

There are plenty of people who’ll argue that you only need the seven simple functions on offer from the Pro SX4-W. And we know plenty of triathletes with high-end power meters and computers suffering from chronic paralysis by analysis who could do well to heed this advice.


The neat head unit looks really classy and the speed sensor, considering the size of battery it houses, is surprisingly neat. Set-up of both components requires just a couple of zip ties each, and the head unit mount gives both bars and stem options.

On the move, speed and distance were accurately conveyed without any aberrant spikes, troughs or loss of signal. Display size of the two-data field was clear with the larger current speed figure especially so. But the positioning of the control button on the rear facing edge was problematic; it was fiddly to access in fingerless mitts and a nightmare in full winter gloves.


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