Polar RCX5 Multi

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Polar has persisted with the armband-mounted sensor approach to GPS speed/distance monitoring. The advantage of this is a compact wrist unit that’s noticeably slimmer than the Gamin 610. The downside? It’s another piece of kit to misplace or remember to strap on when you’re heading out to train.


The RCX5 has plenty of great features, offers data download compatibility for both PC and Mac, and performs flawlessly. Satellite acquisition is quick and reliable; syncing from strap and GPS to the wrist unit is glitch-free; and downloading training data is seamless.

Multisport athletes are obviously targeted with the RCX5’s ability to switch Sport Profiles mid-workout but, disappointingly, you can’t input different heart rate zones for different sports. This, combined with the GPS sensor not being waterproof and coming in almost £30 more expensive, means that despite some pluses and a far better looking wrist unit, the Garmin 310XT is still the combined HRM/GPS unit for triers.


Contact : www.polaruk.co.uk