Garmin Edge 810 cycle computer review

Still the best bike computer around

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

If you come to the Edge 810 expecting a huge step forward from the Edge 800, you’ll be disappointed. It’s more of an upgrade than an overhaul – but some of the new features are admittedly very good.


The 810 can connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone that, first of all, means you never have to plug it in except to charge, as all your rides will be uploaded instantly at the press of a button.

You can also design routes and workouts on the Garmin Connect website or app and send them to your device. It’s really easy to do and, because the 810 has full GPS mapping, it’ll direct you if you’ve never ridden the route before.

The 17-hour battery life is slightly lower than the 800 but only by an hour. There’s also a LiveTrack option, where you can ask friends to follow your ride in real time. It remains to be seen how useful this is, but it might be beneficial if you have a significant other who worries about you when you’re out riding.

The screen is the same as the 800, but the menus are better and more easily navigated, while the computer itself feels more responsive than the previous model. Like the 800, you can have up to five fully customisable screens that can show all sorts of data (including power, speed, cadence and heart rate), so you can set it up exactly according to how you like to train. You can also have multiple profiles for multiple bikes, choosing which metrics you want for each.


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