Cateye Velo 8

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

On its own in the bargain basement, the Cateye Velo is a no-frills, old-skool wired bike computer. In these modern days of wireless and GPS fitting it evokes a touch of nostalgia, but apart from having to neatly route the wire it’s a simple zip-tie job.


And we genuinely do think that there’s still a place for a solid and basic wired computer like the Velo 8, as you can’t beat them for reliability and durability on your winter hack (our wired Cateye is still going strong after eight years of abuse).

All the key data is at your fingertips, although the calorie consumption without heart rate is totally irrelevant and inaccurate. The head unit looks okay and the speed sensor, not requiring its own battery, is very sleek.

There are no synching issues to concern you and, not surprisingly, performance was flawless. The large top-mounted rubberised button was easy to access in all types of gloves, too.


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