Cateye V3

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Nobody has a better reputation for computer reliability than Cateye, but visibility and versatility could be better. While the rack-and-pinion thumbwheel attachment strip is very clever, it’s a lot bulkier than zip ties and can’t cope with flat wing-style bars.


The combined cadence and speed sensor makes for easy set-up and rear-wheel turbo compatibility. The set-up menu is also easy to follow and the soft rubber HR strap is one of the nicest here.

There are plenty of data-recording options and pace arrow functions to play with, but no altitude. You’ll have to remember your own HR zone limits as it just displays max, average and current pulse.

The display has a really cramped feel and, while they’re very well sealed, the buttons are hard to press even with bare hands let alone gloves.


Contact : Zyro 01845 521700