Cateye Strada Wireless

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

Stylish, compact and in a range of colours, the understated head unit exudes minimalist class and the eight functions it offers are a solid no-nonsense affair. No bells and whistles but nothing superfluous, either.


The sleek sensor mounts easily with a couple of zip ties but, although the jubilee clip fitting mount is easy to fit and use on both standard bars and stems, you’ll struggle with oversized components and need to buy an adaptor.

Humble rubber bands or zip ties would be a far better and more versatile choice. Once fitted the whole head unit functions well, one button making scrolling through the screens easy with thick gloves on.

Out riding, the Cateye was a joy, behaved impeccably, and the head unit and sensor never lost contact with each other. The display was a bit on the small side, but for such a compact, easy-to-use head unit this can be forgiven.


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