Cateye Strada Slim

Small but perfectly formed

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

If you’re after sleek, simplistic and stylish, the Strada Slim is an attractive piece of kit. The head unit has a 23% larger display, but is 35% thinner, 35% lighter and has 27% less volume than the standard Strada. When mounted, the whole unit functions as a button, so despite its compact size it’s easy to operate, even with thick gloves on. 


The two data fields are clear, and although limited to eight basic functions its simplicity is its joy. The fork-mounted sensor is the sleekest we’ve ever seen – for aero weenies, we reckon it’s worth a few watts.  

Installation and set-up are simple (not even requiring zip ties), so swapping between bikes is a quick and easy job. As we’ve come to expect from its chubbier predecessors, on the road it performs brilliantly, so if you just want bare minimum speed and distance stats with almost zero hassle, this is the bike computer for you.


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