Cateye Adventure

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Apart from the regular features you’d expect in a standard bike computer, the Adventure adds an altimeter, slope indicator and thermometer to the mix.


The altimeter, which works using barometric pressure, is accurate as long as you calibrate it regularly to known points or use the ‘Home’ function. If you live and ride in a hilly area, knowing total ascent of rides is essential for monitoring progress.

The slope function is interesting but does suffer a bit from time lag and has limited training value. While the thermometer is useful for anticipating dangerous road conditions. Installation is easy: the head unit fits onto stem or bars and, once mounted, becomes the control button, making operation in gloves a breeze.

All good but spend £10 more on the excellent Cateye V3 and, although you don’t get the altimeter/thermometer features of the Adventure, you do get heart rate and cadence. We’d suggest, for most triathletes, the V3 would be a better buy.  


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