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Best cycling camera deals

Recording your rides can give you extra peace of mind when it comes to safety. Check out our pick of the best cycling cameras available online.

Three cycling cameras on a blue/purple background

Whether you’d like to relive your cycling exploits or record your road journeys for safety, a cycling camera is a great investment. If you often travel through built-up areas or on busy roads, we recommend saving footage every time you get on the bike.


To help you do that, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best cycling camera deals out there. But first, some useful info to help you on along on your purchasing journey…

What should I look for in a cycling camera?

Here are some of the key features of the best cycling cameras: 

  • High image quality and stabilisation feature 
  • Wide viewing angle 
  • Time and date stamping directly on the image
  • Audio recording facility
  • High waterproof rating
  • Light and easy to use
  • Loop recording function to automatically overwrite old footage when the memory card is full
  • Long battery life

Where should I attach my cycling camera?

As a general rule, securing your cycling camera to your helmet will provide the most detailed record of your experiences. Not only will a helmet-mounted camera present the action as you see it, from eye-level, but it also moves with you as you turn your head and spot hazards. It can also prove you cycled safely and signalled correctly during your journey. 

So, if you’re involved in an incident and want to be able to send footage to the police, a helmet-mounted camera will probably be useful. 

You may also want to buy a rear-facing camera for the back of your bike, which can capture dangerous or intimidating road users behind you. 

Best cycling cameras for staying safe on the roads

GoPro HERO 9 Black

GoPro HERO 9 Black camera

GoPro is a popular brand when it comes to action cameras, and the Hero 9 brings a swathe of clever features. There are two screens, one on each side, for previewing the 5K footage. You’ll also get sharp resolution, smooth motion and automatic horizon levelling for high-quality footage. 

Plus, there’s no need to worry about buying a separate frame, as the Hero 9 is compatible with any mount thanks to its folding ‘fingers’. The robust build and waterproof nature is also something worth considering.

This GoPro comes in handy if you want to get creative with your cycling videos, while the clever HindSight feature captures 30 seconds of footage before you press record, so you don’t miss any action. There are slow-motion, time lapse and live-stream settings as well.

Insta360 ONE X2 360 Degree Action Camera

Insta360 ONE X2 360 Degree Action Camera

This cycling camera takes ‘wide angle’ to the next level. There’s a lens on each side of the device, allowing it to record a 360° view and capture you as well as the action on the road ahead. You don’t even have to point the camera in a specific direction. 

The casing is also said to be completely waterproof, so you can use the camera in the stormiest of weather.

Drift Ghost XL Camera

Drift Ghost XL Camera

One of the best cycling cameras for everyday use, this option has a claimed nine-hour battery life and rotating lens, which you can adjust by 300° to line up your shot. 

It’s also said to be completely waterproof and is designed to perform well in low-light, which is ideal if you like to ride early in the morning or after sunset. An LCD screen at the back is included to help make the camera easy to control. 

Other clever features include the WiFi connectivity, an auto-editing function and camera linking capabilities, which allows you to use up to 10 at once for multiple angles.

Exprotrek 4K Action Camera with Touch Screen

Exprotrek 4K Action Camera with Touch Screen and accessories

The standout features of this cycling camera are its two screens. There’s one small front window and a larger two-inch touchscreen on the back, both of which are full colour.

The extra-wide-angle 4K lens with electronic image stabilisation also adds to the convenience of this cycling camera, as it’s said to be able to capture smooth action with a 170° field of view. Plus, you can control everything wirelessly from the remote control you wear on your wrist.

As added extras, the camera is said to be totally waterproof for cycling in all weathers and you can easily share your footage online by connecting to the accompanying mobile app.

Sport Action Camera 4K Ultra HD Camcorder

Sport Action Camera 4K Ultra HD Camcorder and accessories

Another cycling camera worth considering is this WiFi-enabled action model, which comes with a sturdy case that’s designed to protect against water damage and scratches. It can record 4K video with electronic image stabilisation and you’ll be able to view it on the two-inch LCD screen.

It’s likely to be a particularly good choice for recording long cycle journeys, as it loops recordings to delete the oldest stored footage when the memory card fills up.

There’s also an opportunity to have some fun with your recordings, with features like time lapse and slow motion. Plus, you can collect sequential images with the clever ‘five shot’ function.

AKASO Brave 6 Plus Native Action Camera

AKASO Brave 6 Plus Native Action Camera and accessories

The Akaso Brave 6 is designed to make it easier to record your rides, as it comes with hands-free voice activation, allowing you to control it using six simple commands.

It also comes with many of the practical functions you’d expect from some of the best cycling cameras. You’ll get image stabilisation and a two-inch LCD touchscreen, as well as three different recording angles. 


The waterproof camera doesn’t scrimp on fun features either, with time lapse, slow motion and photo burst capabilities all at your fingertips. There’s also a self-timer and the option to loop recordings to avoid annoying memory card switchovers.