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The 10 best cycling water bottle cages

Give your bottle a secure home when you're cycling with one of these trusty water bottle cages.

Best bottle cages

The water bottle cage is a fairly unassuming yet significant bike accessory in the world of cycling. Finding that perfect fit will allow you to hydrate in an instant when on the fly. As well as stability and ease of access, there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a water bottle cage.


For example, weight, material – with most being made from alloy, plastic or carbon – and of course the appearance and how it compliments your bike is something to factor in, too. You can even make a choice depending on whether you’re left or right-handed. Whatever your priority, take a look at our list of the best water bottle cages to help inform your decision.

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Best bottle cages for 2022

Tacx Ciro

Tacx ciro water bottle cage

At just 29g, this bottle cage aims to provide the necessary structural strength while remaining as lightweight as possible. So if you’re looking for an accessory that won’t weigh you down, this could be a top choice. It is made primarily of carbon fibre and its sleek finish gives it a professional look.

Elite Vico Carbon

ELite Vico carbon bottle cage

If you’re a racer keen to cut down on excess weight, the Elite Vico Carbon is a great choice as it weighs just 23g. A lovely addition to any road bike, this bottle cage holds the bottle in a higher position in order to create a firmer, more secure grip, so you can ride on a range of terrains while knowing your bottle is securely attached.

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Topeak black bottle cage

The Topeak Tri-Cage sits at the back of your saddle, rather than on the frame, so you can conveniently grab a drink on the go. The ‘forward release’ design aims to prevent you from accidentally dropping your water bottle so you can confidently and smoothly hydrate when necessary. The cage is made of engineering grade plastic and rubber and it holds standard water bottles. If you’d like your cage to be multi-functional, this water bottle holder also includes tyre levers. If that’s not enough, this kit is compatible with the Ninja T Road tool case, the Ninja Pouch Road spare tube carrier and the Ninja Co2 Inflator which is ideal if you find yourself in need of a quick repair job.

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Elite Rocko Carbon

ELITE Rocko Carbon black

If you’re familiar with the Cannibal carbon bottle cage, you’ll notice the similarities here as the Elite Rocko Carbon has the same wide mouth. This means you are free to place your bottle in the holder from a variety of angles, making it a flexible design that works around your preferences. The universal fittings mean it should be able to fit any bike, including mountain bikes, and it’s an incredibly light option at just 20g. The main difference between this model and the fibreglass Cannibal model is the weight, with the Elite Rocko being far lighter.

Birzman Uncage Sidedraw Bottle Cage

Birzman Uncage Sidedraw

Calling all left-handed cyclists! Thanks to the symmetry of this design, the Birzman Uncage Sidedraw bottle cage can be attached to your bike either way up, which means you can access your bottle from the side of your choice. If you’re not a fan of the side withdrawal, you can also remove the bottle from the top. This is a great pick if you’re looking for a simple, unflashy design.

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Bike Bottle Cage 500 – Iridescent

bike bottle cage 500 iridescent

If you are focussed on selecting a sleek water bottle cage that’s going to add a touch of style to your bike, this is one to consider with its glossy purple finish. It’s available in a range of colours including white, yellow and orange so you can make sure it matches your bike’s design to perfection.

Made with plastic and fibreglass, this sturdy design aims to tightly hold onto your bottle while you’re on the road. It’s worth noting, this model can be fitted to bikes with bottle screw cages.

Fabric Gripper Water Bottle Cage

red fabric gripper bottle cage

If your bike could do with a splash of colour, this cleverly designed cage with its ridge grips could be a winner.

While it is likely to hold most standard bottles, for an extra snug fit, you could opt for the Gripper bottle which has been designed to slot in perfectly. At 38g, it’s a slightly heavier option but if you can get passed that, this is a good-looking design that aims to allow you quick access to your bottle.

Lezyne Flow Bottle Cage Side Load

Lezyne Flow Bottle Cage Side Load

Another option for those who enjoy side load access, this design is available for both right-handed and left-handed cyclists so you can choose the design that works best for you.

While this bike accessory is one of our heavier picks weighing 48g, it has been made with fibre reinforced composite matrix, which should result in a durable structure. If you’re looking for precision when fitting your cage onto the bike, this model has oval mounting holes so you can fine-tune the placement of the bottle holder.

Reehut Bike Water Bottle Cage (2-pack)

Reehut bike water bottle cage, 2-pack

For those longer rides that require more than just one bottle of water, this set from Reehut is a top option as it comes in a pack of two. Most standard bottle sizes should fit but a bottle with a diameter of around three inches would be ideal. It is made of heat-treated aluminium alloy, making it a durable accessory for your bike. It’s worth noting, in order to install the cages, the bike frame requires threaded holes. Along with the two cages, the pack comes with a hex key and four screws.  

LifeLine Essential One-Piece Matte Plastic Bottle Cage

Red bike bottle cage for bike

If you’d rather not hear your bottle jostling about as you ride over all sorts of terrain, this kit from LifeLine promises to be ‘rattle-free’ so you can cycle in peace. If red doesn’t take your fancy, blue and white models are also available.  The cage is made of a sturdy polycarbonate construction and the contoured inner edge aims to allow for a secure fit and easy access.

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