Review: Profile Design Aeria T2

Superb – light, hugely adjustable, wonderfully comfortable

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
Profile Design Aeria T2 aerobars

There’s almost nothing not to like about the Aeria T2s. At 806g, they’re within spitting distance of the lightest integrated set-up on test and that’s with 3.5cm of risers under the extensions. 


If you can comfortably drop yourself into a lower cockpit position, that weight will drop too. The angular S-bend extensions and base bar are carbon, allow for internally routed cables and are sensibly shaped. The bullhorns and extensions have bulges in just the right places to fit the way your hands fall on them.  

Holding the whole assembly together are aluminium clamps that incorporate the armrest mounts. With the extensions’ length, the included risers and armrest position options, there’s enough scope to precisely tune this set-up. The only bad point is it costs 600 quid, but even that seems cheap compared to some £1k+ aerobars.


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