Pro Missile Carbon

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

With its aggressive-looking, Klingon warbird-style bar, the Missile is a predatory (if somewhat pricey) performer – and certainly aptly-named.


The steeply down-sloped outer wing means the low-set horns give an even more aggressive position than the extensions. At 420mm wide they offer a nice broad, controlled feel, but the riding position takes some getting used to. Almost flat, gel-padded armrests bolt directly onto the wing to reinforce the aggressive styling and aero advantage. You’ve only got slight sideways and angle adjustment to play with, though, so you need to be sure the Missile hits your positional target.

The long receivers for the telescopic extensions mean plenty of reach adjustment, and the screw collar connectors are neat and are the same diameter as most extensions, so you can mix and match if the supplied alloy-tipped straight pipes don’t work out. But while just over 500g is light, over £400 isn’t cheap.


Contact : Madison