How to fit aerobars (tri bars) onto your bike

Got yourself some clip-on tri bars but don't know how to fit them? Here's some advice from the 220 team

Triathlete using aerobars

Before you start make sure that you’re working in an area spacious enough to move around the bike, and ideally have the bike secured onto a workstand, turbo trainer or other solid fixing. Note: you will need an Allen key set, grease and possibly a tape measure.


1. Prepare the handlebars. If necessary cut back and unroll the bar tape to reveal the bare metal and free off the cables so you don’t clamp on top of them. Clean the bars so that no grease or dirt is trapped underneath the clamps.

2. Grease the bolts of the tri-bars to ensure they go in smoothly. Offer the clamp up to the handlebar and ensure it’s in roughly the correct place. Now put the greased bolts in, finger tight at first to avoid crossing the threads. It’s essential you do this carefully.

3. Once the Allen bolts are in, gently tighten them, alternating a few turns on each so that the clamp pulls up evenly, and then nip them up lightly.

4. Now alter the position of the elbow pads to change the width and the reach of the bars. The width wants to be as narrow as is comfortable, and the length needs to allow the elbow to be supported.

5. Fit the second bar in the same way as the first, exactly the same distance away from the stem so that the bars are evenly spaced. Measure the distance from the stem to the clamps to ensure this.

6. Look at the bars from side on. Adjust them so that they’re both parallel to the ground, slightly pointing upwards, uniform with each other. Once happy with the position, tighten the bolts holding the clamps. Trim and secure the bar tape to finish.